Art and photography can set the tone of a room or space, it encapsulates a perspective of the owners character and communicates to the viewer either humour, gender, sexuality, intellect or whatever the chosen piece conveys.

Here is a selection of works shown in situ that are or have been part of the IOB collection.  These pieces have been chosen to enhance these many spaces.

Below each artists work is a link to their full collection for you to view and find that piece that could enhance one of your interiors too.

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Fine Art Photography



Richard Laeton was born and raised In Long Beach, New York. He received his training at both Parsons School of Design and Carnegie Mellon University in Graphic Design and Illustration. His style can be described as simple, elegant, austere, and with a masterful use of color.

Laeton is inspired by the naturally-occurring forms, contours and colors in the environment, and finds in them an infinite artistic vocabulary with which to express his ideas.



The collection of works for sale here on IOB are printed onto fine art paper, are available in multiple sizes to order and can be printed up to 160cm x 180cm or 160cm x160cm.

The prints are available unframed or with a selection of proposed frame options and colours. Click on the link below to see the full collection of works by Richard Laeton on IOB and please contact us at for further information.



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Australian born photographer Grant Smith's love of the ocean and nomadic outdoor adventure influences his work.  Smith has a constant urge to travel and tell stories through photography, using both film and digital. 

His work has a graphic, conceptual, cinematic identity, and his collection of works explores this on locations around the world.  His acute eye for light, colour and detail define's this photographers work.



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Fine Art Photography


Graduating in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College,  Joscelin Chew's work focuses around deep topography,  the experience of the walking process disrupted by the medium format camera, which serves as a mediating device between the image and the experience.

The practice explores the ways of looking at images, the visual culture of the aerial view as well as notions of abstraction. The emphasis is in raising questions with regards to the concept of 'place'.



To illustrate the connection that Chew is expressing in her work, she directs us to a wonderful quote by American born author, environmentalist, human rights campaigner and contributing editor of Harper's Magazine, Rebecca Solnit.


“The magic of the street is the mingling of the errand and the epiphany.” -  Rebecca Solnit




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Art, fashion and interiors have always shared the same stage and South African born painter BJ Broekhuizen is a talent that straddles these disciplines. 

After graduating in menswear fashion design from the Cape Peninsula Univeristy of Technology in Cape Town, Broekenhuizen soon found himself in London where he held the prestigious position as head Visual Merchandiser for Menswear at Harvey Nichols. 

Since devoting himself to his painting in 2009 Broekenhuizen has been sold to many collectors worldwide, from Dubai, South Africa, Australia and Europe and we are delighted to have Broekenhuizen as part of the IOB collection.

Broekhuizen's signature is his bold use of colour inspired by his African background. Working mostly in oil on canvas and indian ink on paper, his most usual suspects are mysterious and intriguing semi-abstract portraits.  His art is many times provocative, and suggest visceral emotions related with identity, beauty, masculinity and cultures.



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Drawing, Print & Sculpture



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Wallpaper & Print



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Ceramic Sculpture



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