Misha Milovanovich

Misha Milovanovich is a Belgrade-born artist living and working in London. Milovanvich graduated from St Martins School of Art in the early nineties.  A cultural polymath, Misha's work is constantly engaged in observing human nature and it’s distortions of desire and lust- filtered with our insincerely extroverted, post-crash neuroses. 

She draws upon contemporary pop culture, and seeks an objective view of emotions making her work highly personal and biographical, and is executed with the rigorousness of a scientist.  Distinguished by the exuberance of her mark-making, her work is expressionistic, minimalistic, and surreal in her use of hyper-specific detailing.  Traditional techniques have been studied and absorbed, and although her work is conceptual, it's execution always relies on these hard won technical abilities. 

Her artistic progenitors include her mentor Martin Kippenberger, Roy Lichteinstein and Phillip Guston, as well as contemporary artists such as Gilbert and George, Keith Tyson, Robert Pruitt and Jim Lambie.