British design and craftsmanship is sought after all over the world, so we took a look at some vintage inspired British designs with a reconceived from a modern perspective.

Pieces from these collections have been used by the Soho House group who have become famous around the world for the design of the interiors of their hotels and private members clubs, representing the very best of British.



The dramatic black sofa has been hand made using the traditional technique of hand-tufting, which requires each button to be sewn individually to the sofa frame.  Using an age-old skill, a needle and thread is used with absolute precision to ensure the buttons are securely attached in the correct position.

The metalwork in each paneled piece of furniture goes through a rigorous process of cutting, moulding, welding and polishing.  The metal sheets are first cut to shape using a laser. A bending machine curves the metal, with a high degree of skill needed to ensure a similar curve every time. The pieces are welded together and then polished for several hours. The wooden frame is assembled by hand before the leather upholstery is fitted.


We couldn't feature the best of British without featuring the Union Jack, shown here as a classic tall back armchair or simply as drapes, the deconstructed flag design brings a nostalgic highlight to an interior space.

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