We would love you to find that perfect item or piece in the IOB collection, however if we don't we will happily source it for you.  IOB offers a bespoke sourcing and interior design consultation service.  With a short consultation we will be able to source for you a selection of items for your home, office, exhibition or any space you need to style or dress. 

We also compile mood boards to help you visualise your desired interior, enabling you to have a clear plan of action and we can work with you in compiling a strategy to implement that plan. Whether it be contemporary or classic in style, we will assist you in selecting furniture, lighting and fabric suggestions and act as your personal shopper for your interiors.

For a recent consultation we visited several trade events to source and compile images for inspiration, here below are some images of the items and moods we felt were 'best in show'.

One of the enduring key trends, that has become a classic in itself, is Mid-Century Modern.  These are works in architecture, interiors, product and graphic design that generally describes mid-20th century developments in modern design from roughly 1930 to 1970's. This has become a celebrated style that is now recognized by scholars and museums worldwide as a significant design movement.

Mid-Century Modern can be successfully mixed and merged into many interior moods and schemes, to give you your own unique space, IOB will enable you to create your own identity from the periods in design you love.

The major characteristics of true mid-century modern pieces of furniture are their clean lines, sweeping lines and their sharp, geometric shapes.  Before the 1950s, furniture was more elaborate,  which involved complicated lines and adornments. Mid-century designers were modernists, they valued simplicity and streamlined their pieces accordingly.

However as shown below, when you mix in unique pieces like this turn of the century glass display cabinet, a fresh new dynamic starts to take shape.

Another continuing trend that has also become a classic interior mood, is 19th Century French and Swedish objects, furniture and decorative art.  From the second half of the 19th century through to the 1920s, the style of the French royal court became the preferred revival style for furnishing the homes of the wealthy, with furniture supplied from Paris gracing mansions from Newport to Siam and everywhere in between.

Today this 19th Century style is still used in it's pure sense in many interiors, however pieces from this period are also introduced into more contemporary spaces as a juxtaposition to create a unique eclectic modern interior. 

If you love any of these pieces or would like advice on refurbishing or redecorating your interior, please contact us at IOB for a consultation.

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