What does your dinner table setting say about you and your guests?  Undoubtedly many of us have had the pleasure of fine dining experiences, and there is nothing like beautiful glass and earthenware to set things apart.  For the most part we do tend to stick to formulaic presentations of matching sets that are dime a dozen.

At IOB we'd like you to consider that a place setting can be bespoke, individual, like the person it's set for.

In Service de Jour, we offer a collection of items for you to create that unique experience, to customize your dining with your own style and artistic flair. 

IOB will be bringing you regular posts showcasing some eclectic combinations of fine dining table adornment which you will be able to order from us as a set.  You will also be able to purchase further individual items to enable you to build up your own unique collection.

Like and follow us for updates.  Let's take the formula out of fine dining.