One of the big attractions to mid century furniture is the striking architectural shapes and details associate with pieces from this period.  This modernity is enhanced by the materials with which they are created, the use of steel in forms and bases, the sculpting of teak and rosewood into intricate frames and arms. 



But not forgetting the early 20th Century, steel furniture pieces such as school lockers, filing cabinets and tanker desks among items, original handmade industrial-style furniture that give an edge to an interior are also hot items.  Used as a theme for arguably a masculine overtone, or mixed with mid century and even antique pieces to create unique individual spaces, early 20th Century steel furniture offers you storng dynamic pieces to accent your interiors.



The decision to use colours or not is paramount to any interior design.  White is still popular and a staple, but more and more of us are all experimenting with colour in our homes and our offices.  Whether it's an overall scheme or varied ensemble of palette and tones, finding the right pieces in the right colours can be laborious and time consuming. 

IOB will offer you a free interior design consultation whereupon we identify the colours that work for your interiors, and will source the right items in the right colours and shades to bring that interior to fruition.  

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